SMT – Rally New Zealand Update

Unfortunately today, the team has had to make the very tough decision to withdraw from the 1st round of the New Zealand Rally Championship in Otago in 3 weeks.

With our brand new Ford Fiesta due to leave Sydney next Friday (24th), there isnt enough time to finish the build, test and be readt. The 7 month delivery delay from Poland has finally caught up with us.

We have started the car overnight for the 1st time and programmed it, all systems are good, and its due for the dyno tomorrow, hopefully if all goes to plan we will be completely finished by early next week.

Our only issue is we have not sat in the car yet, and would therefore have no time to test car before it leaves.

On such a huge project as this, testing is absolutely essential, making sure everything we have designed and fabricated works, and that there are no issues, mechanical or electrical, but to also understand how the car handles and reacts and to find its limits.

We feel by keeping the car in Australia for an extra few weeks to complete a test program, will give us the best opportunity to be confident in the car for round 2 and the rest of the New Zealand Rally Championship.

Thank you for understanding, it hasn’t been an easy decision.